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Concrete Wall

D Henry Hanson

Director. Actor. Voiceover Artist.

D Man,

D Myth,

D Legend

Concrete Wall

Hi there!

Hello! My name is D Henry Hanson. I'm my favorite letter of the alphabet. I'm the son of a Librarian/Playwright and an Actress/Chicken Hypnotist, and grew up on a farm outside of Kansas City. I used to show chickens (of the non-hypnotized variety) competitively, so the obvious next step was to go into the arts.  

I graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts from Marymount Manhattan College in 2019. Since then, I've worn many hats, from Assistant Manager of a Halloween Store, to Balloon Delivery Man, to Soccer Coach, but these days I work primarily as a Stage Manager, Audiobook Narrator, and Director in the New York City area. 

When I'm not working, I can sometimes be found hiking, gaming, or playing guitar, but more than likely I'm falling down a rabbit hole of YouTube video essays or binge-watching anime (currently watching Delicious in Dungeon).

What's New

4/4/2024: I am currently in rehearsals for Untitled Theater Company #61's "Exagoge", an Opera/Play/Immersive Sedar that opens April 26th at LaMaMa, as the Assistant Stage Manager and Food Coordinator. Tickets Here!

I also have been directing for Audio, serving as Creative Director for Lengthy Tangent's debut Audio Fiction series "Peculiar Radio." Listen Here!
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