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I love getting to bring to life incredible characters and fantastical worlds through the world of Audiobooks. Below you will find some fast facts, as well as some samples of my narration. I am remote-capable and can self-edit and master.

Voice Age: Child, Tween, Teen, Young Adult

Accents: General American, Southern American, Upper Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Received Pronunciation British.

Tones: Energetic, Informative, Dramatic, Storyteller, Youthful


"Sweet Dreams Are Made of Teeth" by Richard Roberts

"Fable Nation" by Joy Kita

"Fable Nation 2: Journey to Africa" by Joy Kita

"Greater Than A Tourist: Reno Nevada, USA" by Bryce Fessler

"50 Things to Know About Being in the Peace Corps" by Margo Willis

"Big Ben The Mean Guinea Pig: Monster files Book 4" by A.E. Stanfill

"Halloween Night on Monster Island" by Clark Roberts

"Fourth of July on Monster Mountain" by Clark Roberts

"The Cats of America: How Cool Cats and Bad-Ass Kittens Won the Nation's Heart" by Seamus Mullarkey

"A Beard Tangled in Dreams" by Steve Wiley

"Social Skills Teens Need to Survive High School" by M.A. Gallant


Non-Fiction Sample
Fiction Sample
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